CAESARSTEA is a hot new dynamic tea concept that is hitting the industry with full force. Our outlook on the business is like our tea, diverse flavor filled and cutting edge. We want nothing more than to take you on a journey of tea tasting extravagance, to savor what we have found. We searched high and low for the perfect tea experiences. A dream we are pleased to now share with you.

caesarstea self serve smelling and discovering your favorite tea

Our Mission is to always deliver our best. From customer service, our own employees and to our foundation, the tea itself. Expect everything that comes from CAESARSTEA to be of the highest quality. We have so many types of tea and over 150 blends. All our products can be found on our website, feel free to look around. We carry an assortment of tea accessories so you’re sure to find something that you or your loose tea loving friends and family will adore.

caesarstea counter and wall


caesarstea back wall model
caesarstea store front
caesarstea downtown store front side view