Who We Are

CAESARSTEA is a fresh face to a known industry. Our well thought plan and ideas will no doubt excite and amaze you. We have taken a great idea and a love for taste and given it a name, CAESARSTEA, and have become your favorite place. Don’t just take our word for it though, take your own! After you stop by and try one of our 150 blends of tea, we have no doubt that you will be returning.

Our friendly atmosphere and well trained staff will show you our great love and enthusiasm for tea. It will be an unforgettable experience one your sure to enjoy.

Our Concept

Our concept is an easy one to understand; why else do people traverse the world tasting and testing tea? (Well besides the obvious enjoyment of it) So we can bring you nothing but the best of course!! That is our idea and passion to take the best of the best and give it to you, our faithful customers.

Our experiences have taught us well and we are happy to share them with you. It’s a wide and wonderful world of tea out there and you can trust we brought back with us the most amazing and tantalizing of what we found.

Why Tea?

Why tea? Here at Caesars Tea it’s not a question of why tea… it’s a question of why anything else but tea? How many things can offer such a wide range of benefits? Tea can do such amazing things; it can help the metabolism, the skin, help calm bad nerves or set you off like fireworks when you need a boost. Not to mention how it tastes? From sweet flavored blacks to straight whites there is a flavor for everyone to enjoy. Tea is there if you want sweet treats or strong flavors.

If you want to sit back and enjoy a milky chai or maybe you just want to see your tea change colors we promise there is something for everyone and that means it’s something we can get behind.


Our teas had to be tracked, located and found. We went all over the world to make sure we could find just the right blends to bring back. From the chosen white teas of emperors to the cave grown perfection pu-erh we searched and searched. You won’t even believe the chai’s from India we found, spicy and sweet loved by the masses (and us). We even had to make a whole section for the all the earls we found. Seemed everywhere we went there was a story or three about that guy and his tea. So believe us when we say our tea comes from the best, as we have mentioned our goal was for only the best for our tea connoisseurs.

Need Help?

Still need help in finding the right tea that suits your taste? No problem. Contact us today and let us know what flavors you love and we'll be happy to send you our top recommended teas we know you'll absolutely love!

Interested in some tea facts?