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Why Tea?

Why tea? Here at Caesars Tea it’s not a question of why tea… it’s a question of why anything else but tea? How many things can offer such a wide range of benefits? Tea can do such amazing things; it can help the metabolism, the skin, help calm bad nerves or set you off like fireworks when you need a boost. Not to mention how it tastes? From sweet flavored blacks to straight whites there is a flavor for everyone to enjoy. Tea is there if you want sweet treats or strong flavors.

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Our Concept

Our concept is an easy one to understand; why else do people traverse the world tasting and testing tea? (Well besides the obvious enjoyment of it) So we can bring you nothing but the best of course!! That is our idea and passion to take the best of the best and give it to you, our faithful customers.

Our experiences have taught us well and we are happy to share them with you. It’s a wide and wonderful world of tea out there and you can trust we brought back with us the most amazing and tantalizing of what we found.

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